Not even 72 hours after posting the article are you beautiful? I asked 100 men what ‘physical beauty’ is and the results shocked me, the post has over 70 000 views, over 10 000 Facebook shares, and has reached over 100 countries. It has since escalated to over 300 000 views, reached 150 countries and has become one of the most popular blogs in the world.

Why is this post so popular? Clearly it is meeting an unmet need in women all over the world: To know that as they are, they are good enough for love and that they are beautiful.

The fact that so many women are receiving healing from this revelation excites me – but the fact that so many women do not know these simple truths breaks my heart.

Women need to know that PHYSICALLY they are good enough!

So, here is my very simple plan of action: 14 days of beautiful women.

Each day for 14 days, I (and whoever would like to join me) will post a post about a beautiful woman. This can be a stranger,  a friend, or family member – and tell her ONE PHYSICAL FEATURE that you love about her.

Post on Facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, wordpress… ANYTHING. Hashtag: #14daysofbeautifulwomen

The point is: We need to learn to speak out the beauty we see in others when we see it. Because the power of a few positive words can have a huge healing effect on other’s lives.

Why 14 days? Because it takes two weeks to create a habit. A habit of calling out the beauty we see in each other when we see it.

I would like to encourage men and women to actively practice calling out the beauty in others on a daily basis. Together, by each encouraging one person a day, perhaps we can begin to lift the world-wide self-esteem levels of women everywhere.

Lets start celebrating each others beauty!!!


So here the developments of my posts: (posted on instagram and Facebook)


Day 1: #14daysofbeautifulwomen

my beautiful mother
my beautiful mother

Mom: I love everything about you, and think you are beautiful in every way. But I think my favorite feature has to be your eyes – a lovely hazel-green color: They are always sparkling with fun and mischief, and have so much love and kindness in them.



Day 2: #14daysofbeautifulwomen


This is Munjoola. I hardly know her, but I see her twice a week at yoga. She literally lights up the room with her smile every time she walks in. Munjoola- I love your smile and how your beautiful soul seems to glow through it every time. You make everyone feel like a million bucks
You are beautiful!


Day 3: #14daysofbeautifulwomen

Kells Bells
Kells Bells

This is Kelly. She is one of my good friends and an amazing, inspiring woman with the voice of an angel. And those legs….! Kells bells- you are beautiful and you have amazing legs. You should show them off more often. Love you!


Day 4: #14daysofbeautifulwomen


A true gem in this world! Millie is a real English beauty (London, you are lucky to have her). She has so many features I love (her hair, her smile, her dark eyes, her lovely tall figure) I don’t even know what to pick. But I think I’ll go with her nose. I’ve always loved your nose Mills! I think you (and your nose) are the perfect combination of elegance and cuteness.
Mills- you really are one of the most beautiful women I have ever known! Plus you are so compassionate, kind, creative, fun and funny! The guy who manages to win you over will be the luckiest guy alive! Love you!


Day 5: #14daysofbeautifulwomen


This is Lutfiyya. She and I went to high school together, and we would sit chatting for hours during class time about life and love…
I’ve always considered her to be one of the most beautiful people I have ever met. Not only is she beautiful, she has so much wisdom, kindness and love that pours out of her when you talk to her. For this reason, I’d have to say my favourite feature about her is her eyes: her big, deep, dark brown eyes (and those eyelashes!!) with so much love in them.
Lutfiyya- you really are beautiful!!


Day 6: #14daysofbeautifulwomen


This gorgeous girl is one of the pillars of strength in my life. She is always there for me no matter what, and she is filled with so much joy and wisdom. Plus she has the best laugh ever. Lizzy- I love everything about you: like your petite facial features and lovely figure- but I’m going to choose your hair as my favourite. It’s so cute and full of life- just like you.
Lizzy- you are beautiful!!!


Day 7: #14daysofbeautifulwomen


I always tell Olly she has an aura of gold- because she is one if the most ‘royal’ souls I have ever met. She is a true queen and I am HONOURED to call her my friend. This lady right here is a world changer of note. She is an inspiration to all who meet her. Olly- so many features I could say I love about you, but for the sake of this I will choose your perfectly enviable smile and lips. We all wish we could have that beautiful pout and those gorgeous full lips. And yours speak a wealth of wisdom. I love this girl!
Olly, you are beautiful!!!


Day 8: #14daysofbeautifulwomen

Robyn and Dani
Robyn and Dani

How could I go another day without mentioning these two? My very first roommates when I moved to California (in this picture we were playing in the first bit of snowfall during winter). These girls are two of the most remarkable and fun human beings I have ever known… And I got to live with them! And of course, every trio should have a redhead, a blonde and a brunette. Dani- from the moment I met you I was struck by your beautiful red hair, striking blue eyes and general beauty. Not to mention your adorable freckles! Robyn, I’ve always looked up to you ever since we were kids. You were always the beauty I wanted to be like. I love your Bambi eyes, cute nose and forever-changing hair! In short, you are both amazing and I miss life with you! (And sorry men, but they’re both taken!)
You are both breathtakingly beautiful! Love you girls!!


Day 9: #14daysofbeautifulwomen


Every now and again you meet someone very special- the kind of person who you feel enriched by just from spending time with them. Mette is this kind of person. I met her on a trip to Norway a few years ago, and that one meeting made such a huge impact on my life. What a real, authentic, beautiful person. She is one of the people who has unknowingly influenced the course of my life. Mette- you are one of the most beautiful women I have ever met. I love your gorgeous blue eyes and your perfect smile. You are just lovely! I hope one day we meet again!


Day 10: #14daysofbeautifulwomen


Can you say ‘hottie’ any louder??
This is Paulinha- she was my Brazilian flat mate during my last year in Cali. She’s the most awesome girl in the world. She’s the best combination of fun, funny, sporty, goofy, soft, sensitive, deep and caring. Our nickname for her was the Cookie Monster- because she loved cookies so much. Also, she managed to punch a hole in the wall and we have no idea how- but because it was Paulinha who did it, we couldn’t help but laugh. Basically, it’s impossible not to love Paulinha! I adore her beautiful Brazilian skin and her long dark hair. She’s just gorgeous. She’s… ‘the charm’!


Day 11: #14daysofbeautifulwomen


Angela- my drop-dead gorgeous Portuguese yoga instructor. Words cannot express how much I admire this woman. I love how she marches to the beat of her own drum without giving a damn about what others think. She doesn’t feel the need to conform to any one stereotype and lives life embracing all kinds of people, hobbies, and perspectives. She has the most beautiful long hair, and (being a yoga instructor) of course a smoking hot bod. Angela- I think you are just the greatest!


Day 12: #14daysofbeautifulwomen


How could I NOT post about this beautiful girl? She’s one of my best friends and one of the most caring and passionate individuals on the planet. She’s the kind of person who can sit and watch an elephant for hours without becoming bored because she has such a huge appreciation for life and nature. If you are a rhino poacher however, steer clear. She will get you!
I love her cute rosy cheeks and adorable freckles. She is just the cutest, loveliest, most uncomplicated girl in the word. I love this girl! She is a world-changer in the making. Kristy, you are stunning!


Day 13: #14daysofbeautifulwomen

Cara and Katie
Cara and Katie

THESE TWO!! Friday was the first time I met them. I collected them from the airport (they flew in from the States) and they’ve been staying with me- and will stay with me till the end of the week. In truth, I wish I could keep them. They’ve been the most awesome roomies. I guess you could say we’ve bonded over tea and goofiness. Cara is so inspiring – her joy astounds me. Plus she has the most gorgeous hair (perfect curls- be jealous!) and stunning blue eyes. Katie is so wise but still so laid back. I love her cute smile and sandy-blonde Californian hair.
I’m pretty sure I will see them again!! They are just too awesome and fun not to stay in touch with! Cara and Katie- you are both just simply too beautiful for words!!!!


Day 14: #14daysofbeautifulwomen

Kaleigh and Liezl

The last day of the 14 days of beautiful women, and I have to dedicate it to the two most important women in my life (besides my mom)- my two gorgeous sisters. Both of them have the biggest and most beautiful brown eyes you have ever seen. Kaleigh- you are such a great mom and such a kind and beautiful soul. You also have the greatest legs. Liezl- you are so compassionate and driven… You help keep me motivated. I love your beautiful long hair and your style.
These are my beautiful sisters everyone!! How beautiful are they?!?? Absolutely breathtaking.

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