Talk too much.
Cry too much.
Want too much attention.
High maintenance (emotionally, physically and financially).
Emotionally unstable.
Obsess over other girls in your life.
Imagine problems in relationship.
Play games.
Have weird hair in the mornings.

WOMEN! Am I right?!

What if I told you that I have a secret that will help you to not only UNDERSTAND women, but that will also help you to prevent any woman in your life from ever acting ‘crazy’ (and all of the above mentioned – except the hair story) again.
Yes, the same principles apply to every woman… and it is SO simple.


But first, before I reveal this big secret that will ultimately CHANGE YOUR LIFE, I need you to understand this basic and fundamental truth first:

In any relationship, people need a SENSE OF CONNECTION. If this connection is perceivably hurt, not maintained, or broken, then people will essentially act out.

Now here is where it gets complicated:

MEN generally get their sense of connection through:
1) Doing activities together – such as sport, playing games, watching sport, watching TV, drinking beer together, etc.
2) Sex.

WOMEN feel connected through:
1) Conversation – usually more heart-to-heart conversations, not your usual chit-chat or small talk.
2) Affection, feeling considered/appreciated, and romantic gestures – touching, kissing, affectionate gestures, surprises, romantic dinners, sweet notes, thoughtful actions like washing the dishes, etc.

This makes life together – and maintaining connection on both sides – complicated.
But we can touch on that another time – lets get back to the original question:
Why do women act crazy?


Women act crazy, insecure, emotionally unstable, needy, obsessive and start to play games with you when this ONE very simple thing happens: WHEN THEY DON’T FEEL CONNECTED TO YOU ANYMORE.

You will notice that if you haven’t had a decent conversation in a while, haven’t seen each other in a while, or haven’t kissed/cuddled/been affectionate in a while… she will start to act emotional, insecure and downright crazy.
And by ‘in a while’, I mean any period of time ranging from a few hours to a few days (usually not very many days).

Basically, she will act out if she is doubting your feelings towards her. 
She will likely start asking you questions like “what’s going on?”, “don’t you like/love me anymore?”, “is there someone else?“.
She might go so far as to say “I can’t do this anymore” or “maybe we should just break up”.
She may even say nothing at all – but just start acting all cold, distant and…well, bitchy – and you’re left thinking “What the heck just happened? What did I do? Why is she acting so crazy??”


Sound familiar?
Of course it does.

So by now you are probably thinking “Oh no, does this mean I have to talk about my feelings and hold her hand ALL THE TIME??”

The good news is: NO. No, you do not have to hold her hand and talk about your feelings all the time.

You do, however, need to make her feel like she is emotionally SAFE and SECURE with you.

And you can do this in two very simple ways.

IN FACT, you will come to find that by doing these two things every day, she will feel so secure, that she won’t act so crazy and emotionally unstable anymore.

Too easy?
Well, give it a try.

All you have to do is this:

  1. Let her know you love her in a way that speaks specifically to her heart
  2. Let her know you think she is the most beautiful woman in the world

That’s it.

It doesn’t have to be over the top – just keep it simple.
A simple text that says “P.S. I love you, beautiful lady” (it will make her SWOON!).
A kiss.
A hug.
Initiating spending quality time with her.
Flowers occasionally.
Listening to her.
Touching her affectionately.
Telling her “I love you” when you say goodbye…
Telling her “I missed you today” or “I miss you”.
Making her a cup of tea or coffee.
Buying her a gift or flowers…. just because.
Washing the dishes without her asking.




Well, heart-to-heart conversations don’t need to be long, drawn out and super mushy.  They can be as simple as: “I love you because…”. “you’re so beautiful” or “I love the way you….”.

And affectionate gestures can be as simple as a lingering hug, a kiss on the forehead, stroking her hair, or giving her hand an assuring squeeze… or doing something for her without her asking (like making dinner or washing the dishes).

Women have the reputation of being complicated. This is mostly because men have never really understood that 1) a woman’s sense of connection is lost much quicker than a man’s sense of connection and 2) women just need to know that they are beautiful and loved.

IT’S THAT SIMPLE! In fact, I’ll dare to suggest that once you understand a woman, you will find she is not as complicated as you once thought. You will also probably discover that she is actually NOT the emotional and crazy wreck that you once considered her to be.

Because actually, most women and girls want to be the ‘cool girl’ – as in, WE DON’T WANT to be the emotional, insecure crazy wreck of a woman. We don’t want that AT ALL! We want to be the one you can come home to, just relax with and have fun with.

We want that, and you want that. But in order for that to happen WE NEED TO FEEL THAT CONNECTION.

If the woman in your life starts to act out, the WORST thing you can do is fight back or withdraw. If she is acting crazy, it means she is doubting your feelings towards her because she has lost her sense of connection to you. If this happens, all you need to do is create that sense of connection again… by making her feel loved and beautiful. Talk to her, show her affection, listen to her, assure her.
It really is that simple.


So, it’s up to you. Try it – see if it works.

If it doesn’t – well, I would offer you your money back but you didn’t give me any for this wonderful free advice anyway so…what have you got to lose really? 😉

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