It can be really tough trying to figure out whether or not a guy likes you. Worse, trying to determine if he is genuinely interested in you or just simply trying to get in your pants can be even more challenging.

Anyone who is familiar with the dating scene has probably been fooled at least once into thinking a guy was seriously interested in them, when all he really wanted was a bit of fun. Learning to read a guys’ intentions requires learning to read between the lines. What some guys say and do don’t always align with their intentions. Any charming person can whisper sweet nothings and present a freshly picked flower at a dinner table, but these things don’t necessarily mean anything heartfelt or significant.


However, there are some signs that – if you learn how to recognize- will teach you how to read between the lines when it comes to sussing out the situation with any guy. Here are some of the sure signs that will confirm whether or not he genuinely likes you:

1. He contacts you

This is the most obvious sign a guy is interested. If he finds a way to initiate contact with you in any form he may very well be interested. He may send you a message, follow you on social media or add you on snapchat. Or he could just very well go all out and ask for your number.


2. He wants to spend time with you

He may have noticed you from across the room or met you through mutual friends, but if he takes the time to talk to you and indicates that he’d like to spend time with you, then he’s probably interested. Bear in mind that most guys can be shy, and so may want to initially spend time with you in a group context.


3. He looks at your face when you’re talking and gives you his full attention

He’s not staring at your boobs or pecks, and he’s definitely not staring at the ass of the person behind you while you’re speaking. If he’s genuinely interested in you and not just your booty then he will give you his undivided attention and won’t be distracted by looking around at other people, or checking out your gorgeous bod… at least not while you’re looking.


4. He asks you personal questions

Guy’s who are looking for something casual will keep the conversation light and impersonal, and jokes will  probably be stuffed to the brim with sexual innuendos. But if someone really likes you,  they will ask you questions about yourself – your likes and dislikes, your family life, your goals and dreams for your future…. and will even try to show interest in the things you are interested in.


5. He listens to what you are saying and remembers details

He remembers when your birthday is, your opinion on blue cheese, why raising money for penguins is so important to you, and that you hate olives on pizza. He takes note of the movies and foods you like, and will make a concerted effort to include them in a conversation or invite you to enjoy those things together.


 6. He wants to know about your day and what you’re doing when he’s not around

He’ll be the one to ask you “how was your day?” or “what did you do today?” and will actually want to know the answer. He cares if you had a crappy day, and about the details. He’ll want to know what you’re doing when he’s not around in attempt to figure out what kind of a person you are. Are you the kind of girl who likes to hang out at the mall with friends, or do you prefer to curl up with a good book? 

matheus-ferrero-350443.jpg7. He won’t pressure you into anything physical too quickly

My boyfriend waited 7 dates (SEVEN!!!) before attempting to even hold my hand. Now, most guys won’t wait that long for anything, let alone waiting to hold a hand. I honestly thought he had friend-zoned me and I was ready to give him the “I don’t need any more friends, thank you very much” speech. But on the 7th date he finally told me that he liked me and the rest is history. I later asked him why he waited so long, and he answered “I knew you were different to other girls and I didn’t want to screw things up with you.” (AAAAAAAAW!!!)

I realize everyone is different, and we all have our own style when it comes to dating and when to get physical. It’s all about knowing yourself and what you are comfortable with. But if a guy is pressuring you for sex (or any physical contact that you are not comfortable with) early on and you’re not ready for it, then he may just be looking for a good time. If he really likes you, he will be more focused on getting to know you as a person than getting into your pants.


8. His friends know about you

He’s probably introducing you to friends, and they already know all about you. His friends may be talking to your friends about you, or they may be indiscreetly teasing him about you. But what he’s really trying to do is find out what his friends think about you and get their approval.


9. He compliments you and laughs at your jokes (even if they’re not funny)

Most guys are shy and may not go all out and tell you they think you’re gorgeous right off the bat. Your crush may say something along the lines of “that’s a nice dress” or “I’m so glad you also like pineapple on your pizza”… alluding to the fact that he likes you, but not outright saying it. If you are anything like me, you may crack some pathetically corny (and really not very funny) jokes. If he likes you – trust me – he’ll fake laugh even if he’s crying on the inside.


10. He does his ‘research’ 

If you tell him you went to a Josh Groban concert last year with your mom, don’t be surprised when next time he sees you he’s listening to “You Raise Me Up” on his iPod and knows all the lyrics off by heart.

When I was single it was always easy for me to figure out which guys were genuinely interested in me by how much they found out about me or topics i was interested in. Those who liked me had found my blog and had read the articles, or had asked me lots of questions about myself. Those who were not that interested, or who just wanted a fling, didn’t know much about me and didn’t care to find out.

There are many ways guys can do research about you. They can ask you personal questions directly, ask your friends about you, find you on social media, or research topics you’re interested in. If you mentioned to him that your favorite color is red, and next time you see him he’s dressed head-to-toe in red, then take the hint: he probably likes you.



An important thing to note: Not all guys are confident enough to show you they like you

Not all guys have the confidence to carry a flirty conversation, initiate a first date or approach you at a bar without some encouragement. If you like someone you need to subtly let them know that you are approachable and interested.

You can do this by being friendly, smiling and asking him questions about himself or things he’s interest in.

For more info check out my video, signs a guy DEFINITELY likes you:


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