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Whether you're a small business owner trying to make sales or you're an aspiring writer, learning how to write effectively will help you to bring in those $$$. Sign up for my free writing workshop, Writing For $$$.

Get A Blueprint for Your Business

Have a 1:1 chat with me and we'll brainstorm how to make your business a success! You'll get a tailor-made plan for your business with a social media strategy, creative and unique ideas that you can use, and a ton of inspiration!

What my clients say...

"I was working a corporate job and hated every moment of it because it kept me away from my kids. I had tried applying for online teach jobs in the past, but i was never successful. So I gave it one last shot when Rozanne said she'd coach me through the whole process. The day after the interview, I was offered the job and I quit my corporate job that same day. I now get to be with my babies every day and no longer miss out on those special moments.  I've never looked back."

-Marie, South Africa

"I started my small business selling party packages in 2015, and I've had a few loyal clients (mostly friends of friends) but for some reason I was never able to attract paying customers online - and so I was never able to expand my business. I took Rozanne's Writing For $$$ course and my luck changed. My business is growing so fast I'm having to employ people to keep up!"

-Kelly, UK

"After 15 minutes of talking with Rozanne, we had outlined a solid plan for my business. Not only that, but she gave me some creative and ingenious ideas I never would have thought of myself. I'm forever indebted to you, Rozanne. Your service is priceless."

Nicky, USA


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