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I’ve been a romantic for as long as I can remember…

My first ever crush was at the tender age of two, and I managed to land my first serious boyfriend at the age of six – who, in a dramatic declaration of true love, ate fire ants to show me how committed he was to the idea of marrying me. I was pretty sure I had the whole relationship thing down at that point, and I even had my Disney wedding planned out along with the names of the 10 children we were going to have. But they say that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out with my kindergarten fiance. If only love were that simple, eh?! I learned pretty quickly after that that love don’t come easy... and my love life became increasingly more difficult after that.

I couldn’t understand why my relationships never seemed to last, why that one guy cheated on me, why at the age of 24 the man of my dreams freaked out and couldn’t go through with our wedding plans, or why all the wrong guys seemed to like me and the men that I wanted didn’t want to commit to me. Throughout my 20’s I invested everything I had into trying to understand men, relationships and why I wasn’t finding or keeping the love that I wanted. I studied relationship psychology, trained as a life and relationship coach, attended every relationship seminar that I could go to, and read every relationship book I could get my hands on… And while I gained a lot of valuable insights and information, something was still holding me back.

This is what I realized: 

Relationship coaches around the world are divided in their beliefs. 50% of dating and relationship coaches focus on helping men and women understand how to get the attention of the opposite sex, while the other half focuses on helping men and women to gain confidence in themselves. All of them talk about ‘secret formulas’ and ‘say this and he will be yours forever’ or ‘the secret to blah blah blah’… or something like that. 

But here’s the problem: 

There is no simple formula or one way to get the love life you want.

WHY? Because each situation is totally unique because people are totally unique.

Once I realized this, I suddenly became fully aware of the fact that the single approaches, ‘secrets’ and ‘formulas’ other coaches were giving me could not possibly be applicable to every relationship out there… including mine. So I began to consider a holistic approach to dating. I figured out that all successful, empowering, passion-filled and loving relationships had a combination of certain things in common. So I began to study and explore all of the aspects of those relationships and the unique qualities of the individuals in them.

This is what I found:

Most relationship coaches focus on helping you to achieve fatuous love (a combination of passion and commitment – see chart below).  Their approach is ‘do this and say this, and then he will think you’re sexy and will want to commit to you’. Their goal is to help you get a ring on your finger as soon as possible. The problem with this is that fatuous love can seem great for a year or two or even five, but it’s fickle and often ends in heartbreak or disaster. It’s not sustainable.

For men, relationship coaches focus on helping guys to get a girl in bed as soon as possible…. focusing only on creating infatuated or romantic love (see chart below). 

How truly sad, and unhelpful for the long run. No wonder so many relationships end in devastating break-ups or divorce! (SIDE NOTE: Have you ever noticed how most relationship coaches are single? yeah…. case in point!)

love chart updated

The goal is to create consummate love. the kind of love that creates happiness and lasts forever.


Sounds like a unicorn, right? Like, does that even exist anymore?!


Well actually, yes…. yes, it does. It does for me, and it can exist for anyone and everyone who wants it. Including you.


It was around this time of discovering and exploring all of this information that I met the love of my life, Dan. I have never been happier, more in love or at peace with myself and my life than I am now. Honestly, every day our relationship gets better! I got to put into practice everything I had discovered, and we have created that kind of relationship that is made up of the perfect ingredients of passion, intimacy, and commitment.

  • He is the guy who melts my heart, makes me smile, and makes me want to explode with love every time I see him (and my heart aches when he’s not around!)
  • He is my best friend – the one I want to talk to about everything, and who I trust with my life.
  • He is the guy who is 100% committed to me, and I’m 100% committed to him. He’s the guy I get to grow old with and who will tell me that I’m beautiful even when I reach the point where I’m smacking my gums together and my tits are bouncing off my knees.

And it’s all because we chose to focus on building a relationship by creating intimacy, passion, and commitment. 

I could have followed other advice and created fatuous love in my relationship with Dan, and perhaps have received a ring super quickly – but then my relationship with him would not have lasted.

And that’s what makes me truly sad – that so many potentially amazing and fulfilling relationships are cut short because of bad dating advice.

So my promise to you is to help you to create that wonderful, happy, forever love that you really want. Whether you are in a relationship already, or you are looking to find one, this site is dedicated to helping you get what you want… and keeping it.


With this site, I am dedicated to helping you to:



  • Find the right person for you
  • Navigate the dating world in a healthy and successful way
  • Create lasting love by focusing on developing intimacy, passion, and commitment in your relationship.

If you would like even more assistance in your dating life, then you can also check out my ebooks, or join my Goddess Bootcamp*, or apply for private coaching* (you can put your name down below for more information). *I am currently booked up until November 2018

As a private coach, I will assist you with:

  • making your online dating profile irresistible
  • creating appealing texts
  • how to present yourself, topics to talk about, and what to do on dates
  • figuring out if the person you are with is high quality and a good fit for you
  • boosting your confidence in every area of your life
  • helping you to become the most irresistible version of yourself
  • developing a 3-step plan to create intimacy, passion, and commitment in your relationship
  • or whatever it is that you really need help with!!


“Rozanne encouraged me to get out there and enjoy my life, and not let me insecurities hold me back!” – Molly, UK

“Rozanne coached me through the entire process of boosting my confidence, finding a quality man, dating him…. and now we are happily married!” – Kirsty, CA

“I had been in a relationship with a man for 2 years, but I constantly felt disappointed because the romance wasn’t there and it felt like things were starting to get stale. I read Rozanne’s book ‘Date Like a Goddess’ and went through the Goddess Guide programme, and it completely changed our relationship. The way my partner started to interact with me was completely different. He became obsessed with me overnight and became the romantic partner I’d only ever dreamed about… I am now engaged to a man who never believed in marriage..” – Charlotte, AUS

“I was in love with a guy who I worked with and had no idea how to tell him. He dated other girls and always told me how he liked me as a friend. When I signed up for private coaching with Rozanne, she gave me some advice that totally went against what my natural instincts were, but they worked!  A month later, he told me that he was starting to have feelings for me. We’ve been together for 6 months now and he’s even talking about marriage. I could not have done this without her.” – Shawnie, South Africa

“To be honest, I wouldn’t have talked to my wife of 8 years now, (at that time, just girl I had a crush on,) if Rozanne Leigh hadn’t talked to me about dating, so she has my endorsement” – Evan, USA

“Thanks for providing a place that cuts through the lies and speaks truth.” – Hannah, NZ

” I have always struggled with my appearance, as most women have, but after reading the article (Are you beautiful? I asked 100 men what physical beauty is and the results shocked me), I already feel more confident about myself. I just wanted to say thank you!”  – Cassia, Sweden

“Rozanne has a very unique and beautiful perspective on life and it is both refreshing and encouraging” – Nate, USA

“I’m a bit hopeless when it comes to dating and romance, but Rozanne’s articles and advice have helped out a lot! I actually have the confidence to approach women and go on dates.” – James, UK

“I love your articles and blog. The messages you advocate really speak to me.” – Maddison, USA

“Rozanne’s articles are both interesting and thought-provoking. It’s hard to read them without changing for the better in some way” – Kay, HK

“I feel like my values and world view have completely changed. The way I view women, relationships and even myself has changed.” – Ben, Canada 

“Such depth. Such insight.” – Lorry, Aus

“We had been married for 5 years, and things were starting to go south pretty quickly. Everything felt unstable and rocky. Rozanne helped us to create the intimacy and passion that your relationship lacked. It’s been a total transformation of our relationship, and we are happier than ever!” – Courtney & Jason, UK

“I had no idea how to get over my ex and move on, and I was sliding into a hole of depression. But Rozanne helped me to get my life back on track and now I’m dating a girl I’m totally crazy about. I am indebted to Rozanne – I could not have done it without her.” –Dax, Canada


About Rozanne…

Rozanne has a degree in psychology, and has further qualifications and training in the performing arts (acting, singing, dancing, music), theology and vocational ministry, English language and linguistics as well as in education.

“I want to help people reach their relationship goals, and have healthy and happy relationships overflowing with love, passion, friendship and commitment. “

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      1. Thanks! I appreciate hearing (well – reading) that. 🙂

  1. Your “are you beautiful?” article was really awesome! But I have a question about it…can you give me more information on the demographic of men you interviewed? Age is especially what I am interested in, considering that I am a college-age woman and I would love to see what the results of those same polls would be if boys age 18-22 answered.
    I just wonder…if there really is “no preference,” than why is the body type that Tina Fey described the archetypal standard of beauty pushed on us by mainstream culture and the media? And why are women still trying so hard to achieve that look if it seems that men don’t care/prefer it?
    Thank you!

    1. Hey! It was a range of ages… but I think the bulk were probably early to mid twenties.
      I think what Tina Fey describes is the pressure that we as women put on ourselves. Does that answer your question?
      I think we are so critical on ourselves that together we have created this monster culture… and for what reason? Just to hate ourselves more?? I don’t know about you, but I’m over it!

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