Date Like a Goddess

Love is tough. Let’s be honest: you would not be reading a book like this if dating or finding love were easy… The only thing tougher than trying to find love is trying to find it when you are marinading in a sauce of insecurities, low self-esteem, comparison, and jealousy – all of which, I might add – have been slathered on to you by past partners or love interests. ”

Excerpt From: “Date Like A Goddess.

Date Like A Goddess

  • 2018-09-13
  • 274 pages

It’s time to stop dating like Cinderella who’s waiting for a man – any man – to rescue her from drowning in her marinade of insecurities and a life she wants to escape from. It’s time to put all that damsel in distress sh*t aside and start living and dating like the Goddess you really are deep down inside: the woman who calls the shots in her life and her relationships, and who gets to pick choose exactly which man she wants to be with from

selection of high-quality men.

A goddess isn’t just some ancient Greek deity, or that overpaid supermodel strutting her stuff on the runway at New York Fashion Week. That goddess could be you. You could be the most irresistible woman in any room, and watch a whole world of endless possibilities open up to you. You could have it all: The life you want, the love life you want, and the man you want. It could all be yours tomorrow.

It all starts with you scraping off the unwanted marinade and tapping into your inner goddess. In Date Like A Goddess, you will learn exactly how to empower and equip yourself with the tools you need to become the ultimate irresistible go

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ddess and get the life and relationship you want.

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