15 ways to guarantee a second date

Anyone who has been lurking around the dating scene long enough knows that a good date is rare. Most first dates become nothing more than a distant memory lingering around like a stale fart. Yet, hope prevails, and with these 15-steps you should be able to give a great first date and guarantee yourself a […]

16 Surprising Signs She’s Trouble (Get Out!)

Maybe you’re with someone, or maybe you’re single and looking to meet someone. Maybe you even have a significant other, but you’ve met another woman who you just cannot seem to get out of your mind. But how do you know if she’s really as amazing as she seems, or if she is just bad […]

Signs someone is attracted to you

You met someone who is the perfect combination of cute and sexy, but you’re not sure if their admiration for you matches your admiration  🤤 for them. So what do you do? Do you make a move, stay ‘friends’ with the person and secretly drool over them for years, or do you move on? (Read: From Friend-zone to […]